David Blue: How SGU's Season Finale Will Leave You In Ruins

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Stargate Universe's finale is only a few episodes away, and already actor David Blue wants you to be prepared for the next big twist. In our exclusive interview, Blue talks Eli's journey, Destiny's robots and new alien threats.


For me, personally, it seems like Eli has really been going to a much darker place as of late. Even after he forgave Chloe for her betrayal, it feels like that never really left him. Where is Eli mentally right now, and am I totally off-base with this assumption?

Yeah I'm glad you saw that, it's really true. I think you touched right on it. Eli came from a place, when we started, of isolation. He lived in front of his computer he took care of his mom. And then he got sucked into this world. At first it was crazy, exciting and fun, then people started to die almost everyday. And that takes a toll on a person. Then on top of that it's no longer about Eli just needing to take care of himself — he needs to save other people. And at the end of the day you're stuck with these people. So even the ones you hate and the ones you love, you have to put up with them everyday. Relationships are changing, what do you do when someone you don't trust is in charge of your life?

I don't know if I agree that it's a darker change, I think it's a more realistic change. Sorry to not be morbid. That's the way the world is, you're constantly reevaluating things everyday. The way we're going into the last two episodes for season 1.5 you'll really see that everyone has to grow. Scott is somebody who needs to learn how to be a commanding officer. He needs to learn how to be responsible, not just be a trainee or a recent graduate. He's now in charge of a lot of people along with Young, who wasn't even supposed to be there. But now [Young] has 60-70 people's lives in his hands. They have to be ready for the test. Rush, all he needed were the people who were giving him the tools he needed to make a difference. And now he has to decide if he's even willing to save those people anymore.

As for Eli, he was brought in to help. He probably wouldn't have even been allowed to go [on Destiny] in the first place. The thing I love about Eli, as opposed to everyone else, everyone else has this "I'm not supposed to be here" feeling. I feel like with Eli from day one he said, "this is awesome I'm here." Now he's starting to realize the weight of being there. He's realizing that this is important and dangerous. I think that's where the growth is coming from. He's starting to grow into his role, he's starting to accept things, and realizing that he has to be part of it. He can't let the world happen him anymore, he has to effect the world.

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Do you feel like your character doesn't get enough respect on the show, and will that change? The last few episodes, he was getting hassled a lot for some of his decisions when he was trying to save people.


I kind of feel that and it's definitely on its way to changing for sure especially in the two final episodes. The truth is Eli is a very smart guy, with astrophysics, quantum physics but these are all things he hasn't had to apply, so it takes him awhile.Especially since he learned ancient in episode one. He's on a slightly slower curve than everyone else, the difference being he picks up things faster. So in their eyes it makes sense that they wouldn't trust him right away because in their eyes he's just a kid who stumbled into this world....I think what Rush said in Human is very telling. But the thing is he doesn't have Rush's experience. If you gave Eli the benefits that Rush had, I think he would surpass Rush.

Do you feel pressure to be the comic relief on such a dark show?

I don't, because everyone in the cast is so funny. The biggest clown is either Louie or Jamil [Young and Greer]. They are absolute clowns, and they are a lot of fun to be around. We love to make each other laugh on set. I feel like it takes some of the pressure away. To be able to have so much fun — I feel like that carries over to the filming, a little bit. I think if anyone is missing a comedic side to the show, and I don't think a lot of people are, but if anyone is it's unfortunate because you can't inject too much humor into the situation. It's not a situation where O'Neil and Carter can take the day off and sit around in the mess. It's not a situation where you can have Rodney joking around. It's a place where people are dying every day. No one wants to be there, everyone is scared to death. If we had too many people running around joking, it would feel forced. It would seem fake in our show. It would be harder to fit. I love taking on the mantle, because I think that some of the most intelligent people in the world are some of the funniest people, that's where you find the humor in the world when you're smart enough to realize where it is. So I have a lot of fun doing it. I think they are really funny in what they write... I also think Brody, as dry as he is, he's a hilarious character.

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How much time in the next season are we going to spend exploring the ship, figuring out the day-to-day life on Destiny?


Going into the next three or four episodes some really important giant things happen to us and because of us. In season 2 you will start to learn more about the ship itself. We'll see some amazing new places on it, and in the universe that we're around. But so much stuff happens in the next few episodes including the season finale, which I will apologize for right now, because I love it, but you're going to be yelling at your television. It's so beautifully done but it's so, draining where its left. That everyone is going to hate that we're on hiatus. But it's a really great and horrible place to leave the show at the same time. I'll say this season 2 is about exploring more of the ship, more of ourselves and more of why we're there.

How much influence will the Lucian Race have on the second season?

A good amount. It's kind of the reason that we're all there, when you think about it. It's because of them that we got where we're going. It's because of them we had to go so quickly. They are a huge influence. It's going to nudge things a bit in directions you weren't expecting. I wish I could talk more without spoiling it. Rhona Mitra, is lovely, I can say that. I do have to address some people's concerns, because I know people love to find things to hate; The Lucian Alliance isn't as tame as some people seem to think. We've only seen them a little bit and we don't really know what they've been up to. They might not have god-like powers like the Goa'uld , but trust me they are pretty freaking terrifying in their own way.


A lot of people are asking what happened to the plot line when you, Chloe and Scott were all stranded on the ruins planet, people are wondering if we're ever going to find out what happened in between the last episode where you walk back on the ship and the one before it, where you were stranded there again?

Yes and no. There's so much other stuff going on, as I said, that it's hard to focus on that. Not in the time that they're going to want it. It is a true thing that happened, I know because even my Father asked me about this. You can't dial the ship when the ship is in FTL. So the fact that it fell out of FTL allowed us to dial. That's just the way it was, we were lucky to have that explosion happen. It was the only thing that really saved us or we would have ended up like Swiss Family Robinson up in the trees somewhere, living on our own. But as far as seeing entire episodes flash back to what happened, I can't speak to.


Also will we be learning more about the repair robot that was discovered? Are there more robots, is there more to this robot?

They don't ever introduce anything without having an explanation for it I promise. You'll learn more about that, about its use. About why it's there and how we decide to use it. Anything that you see, you will really really get to see more or. But the funny thing is, without giving away too much for the next few episodes, I think people are going to be forgetting a lot of the questions they have and asking completely new ones. It feels completely different... But the plots for the next few episodes are so huge and inter-related, and unlike other stuff that's been going on. That it kind of draws attention away from that.



Spoilers for finale:

Lucian Alliance guys board the ship and everything is ready for a next season SGU:Voyager starring Lucian Alliance as Maquis and T-Bag as Chakotay.

Oh, and TJ got shot in the stomach (bye-bye baby !).