Dazzling Daft Punk Helmet Made From Scratch

Illustration for article titled Dazzling Daft Punk Helmet Made From Scratch

What have you done with the last 17 months of your life? Made your own Daft Punk helmet? No? Well this guy made his own Daft Punk helmet. And maybe more importantly, he made a video of the build process:

Isn't it just remarkable how countless hours of one man's work become the perfect way to blow 3 minutes on the internet? I can watch someone do anything, as long as it looks difficult, time consuming and doesn't require any additional investment from myself.


Maybe Warhol's prophetic slogan should be revised: "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes, but it will take a lifetime for them to make that happen." [Volpin Props via The Awesomer via Super Punch via technabob]


This one's better.