DC Heroes Mixed With Thomas The Tank Engine Is A Most Delightful Horror

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DC’s cadre of heroes and villains have been mashed up with a lot of things over the years. But transforming them into the wide-eyed, slightly creepy locomotives of Thomas the Tank Engine makes for a toy that is equal parts laden with animated nostalgia and sheer, nightmarish terror.


Mattel’s latest exclusive merchandise for San Diego Comic Con this year will see Superman, Batman, Cyborg, The Joker and Harley Quinn transformed into various trains from the long-running children’s series. Superman is naturally Thomas the Tank Engine, because just like Thomas, he’s vanilla and boring as hell (as a child I ardently preferred my namesake, James the Red Engine. But I’m sure that’s neither here nor there in my estimation of fictional sentient train-beings).

But seriously, the unmoving, yet supposedly joyful faces of Thomas and Friends are already creepy enough, but when they’re transposed onto these characters they look even more eerie. Batman forever locked in a smile is already well established as disconcerting, but said smiling face being smeared over the front of a train bedecked in Batman colours? Good lord.

And just look at that Cyborg. They’ll tell you that’s a smile, but if that’s not the face of a human/robot/steam engine hybrid longing for the cold embrace of death itself, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Mattycollector has the details for how you can pick up the set of 5 toys — which comes with a comic that explains the origins of the Thomas the Tank Engine/DC universe mashup because oh god why would you do that — at Comic Con (and online after the convention) here.

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Why on Earth would you prefer James besides the name? He’s a jerk. :-)

These are just ador-ifying. Cute, but disturbing...