The Future Is Here
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Deadpool Asks the Important Questions

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You’re a superhero on a team with Cable, the bad-ass mutant warrior who comes from the future. You need to hold onto hope, to hear that there’s a reason to keep fighting the good fight. But you’re also on a team with Wade Wilson.

Things are tense of late in Uncanny Avengers, what with the return of a Hank Pym who’s bonded to Ultron. The bulk of this week’s issue #10 is spent watching the newly returned hero re-acclimate to Avenger duty. Meanwhile, Johnny Storm gets around to talking to Cable about something that’s been on his mind. Something about the years to come.


But then Deadpool interrupts.


There is some foreknowledge that would rip the fabric of spacetime asunder, were we to learn it ahead of its appointed time. Cool it, Wade.