Dealzmodo: $50/Free Blackberry Pearl

In honor of this phone being officially available for Cingular today, we will kick things off with a mighty deal on the Blackberry Pearl. Amazon is offering the Blackberry Pearl 8100c for $50 with purchase of a new Cingular service plan. Coincidentally, Amazon is also offering the Blackberry Pearl 8100 for $50 with a new T-Mobile service plan, but with a $50 mail-in-rebate, therefore making it free.


Free from T-Mobile or $50 from Cingular? You be the judge. The T-Mobile model is the original Pearl, while the Cingular is the latest revision, but regardless we would take free over $50 any day of the week.

Don't know if the Pearl is right for you? Check out our hands-on pictures and Frankenreview to find out.

Cingular Blackberry Pearl

T-Mobile Blackberry Pearl

[via Bargainist]


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