Dealzmodo: Acer Aspire One Priced at $350, Too

Image for article titled Dealzmodo: Acer Aspire One Priced at $350, Too

Earlier this week we spotted the MSI Wind with its price reduced to $350 at Best Buy. Not to be outdone, Acer's equally impressive Aspire One netbook is $350 as well over at New Egg. So which 1.6GHz Atom system should you buy? Your call. They're both at the top of their class, just note that the Wind's screen is 1-inch bigger while the Aspire One is spec'd at half a pound lighter. [New Egg via dealnews]



When the 6-cell version is down to $350 or less i'll probably bite. I see lots of reports than the 3-cell just dosen't cut it unless you take drastic efforts to cut battery usage when not on AC power, and i'm not paying extra for the bigger battery.