Dealzmodo (??): Apple iPod Hi-Fi, $87 B&M

Vocabulary lesson: B&M stands for brick and mortar, or in-store only.
According to the frugalites over at Slickdeals, Target has the iPod Hi-Fi stereo/iPod dock for $87 in-store only, which is 75-percent off the retail price of $350. Apparently, Target is clearing out the devices in-store to only sell them online.

After dissecting the thread on this deal over at the Slickdeals forums, it seems a few people are finding Hi-Fi units at their store with the clearance price and a decent amount are coming up empty handed. So it is best just to go check for yourself. Note that the $87 price tag does not show up on the sticker, but take the big 'ole Apple Hi-Fi to a price checker to find out if it has been discounted. Good luck.


[Via Consumerist]

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