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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

We know there are lots of pro-vid shooters reading the Giz, so we couldn't resist showing you this unusually low price on the Panasonic AG-HVX200 three-CCD DVCPro HD camcorder which usually sells for upwards of $6000. Now it's going for $2599 at ExpressCameras.


We've actually shot quite a bit of HD footage with this baby, and it's the real deal, with 24p HD recording and more than 20 other ways to turn light into data. It's all solid-state, too, laying down its digital footage on P2-format flash memory cards whose prices are also consistently plummeting. And oh yeah, this one also records onto DV tape at the same time if you wish, so pick your format.

This is one hell of a price, hardly more you'd pay for a high-end DV camcorder. With prices dropping like this, we're figuring this model will probably be replaced at NAB in April. Still, this is an excellent HD camcorder at an unusually low price.


UPDATE: Readers tell us this ExpressCameras is a scam operation, using intense bait and switch tactics. It's being sued by the state of NJ, caveat emptor. It looked too good to be true... sigh. Jump to see the allegations against the company:

The specific allegations include:

* Failing to sell merchandise at the price advertised on the company's web site;

* Charging or attempting to separately charge for accessories or equipment that the Original Equipment Manufacturer included with the merchandise (for example, camera batteries and/or battery chargers);

* Charging consumers inflated shipping and handling fees;

* Failing to provide any price reduction for merchandise which appears to be on sale or reduced;

* Failing to inform consumers at the time of purchase that some or all of the merchandise is out of stock; and

* Refusing to permit consumers to cancel an order or merchandise upgrade prior to shipment.

The company allegedly used terms like "Price Drop", "List Price" and/or "Our Price" on its web sites without providing any price reductions for the advertised merchandise.

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