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Remember that Family Discount reward system we told you about yesterday, where you could get two extra copies of Vista Home Premium for $99? Apparently, there's a catch: Your install keys probably won't work.

Advertisement is reporting that "many (if not all) users" who got in the deal were given invalid install keys. They work for something, just not Vista. That's helpful. Better yet, if you're affected, all you can do right now is give Microsoft your name and number and wait for them to call you when there's a fix. To top it off, there's "no expected time period for a fix at this time." On the upside, we guess there's no time period for a fix for that other installation hole, either.


Did any of you guys take advantage of this? If so, did you have any of these problems?

Vista 'Family Discount' Bites Back [Neowin via Slashdot]