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Our own Adam Frucci, also of Sci Fi Tech fame, pokes fun at the arrogance and naïveté of purveyors of physical disc formats with a eulogy he magically delivers from the year 2010. He sets the stage with a little background about how President Obama has personally cured cancer and AIDS, there's a colony on the moon, and all physical media are mercifully dead and gone:

For many years they stood by us and provided us with handy ways for us to consume our favorite media, but their time has come and gone. In order for us to get some closure I've gathered us here to talk about our fondest memories and to recount those last harrowing years as our friends desperately clung to life. They were fighters, weren't they? Right to the very end.


Amen, Adam. A great read! We've always preferred bits instead of atoms.

A eulogy for physical media [Sci Fi Tech]

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