DefenseTech Blogger in Iraq

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DefenseTech editor Noah Shachtman and frequent Gizmodo contributor is off to Iraq for some fun in the sun! He'll be embedded with the Army and is writing regular dispatches from the City that Never Sleeps Because It's Afraid of Mortars, Baghdad. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to him on his trip.

Here's bit from his first dispatch from Kuwait. The airline lost his bags. Maybe we can send him some shorts?

The only exception is the pool, where about fifteen guests have gathered. Bikini-clad, modern women swim in make-up and designer do-rags. The religious ladies get wet, too — in chadors and neon pink baseball hats, playing in the shallow end with their children. Burning Spear pumps from the bar s sound system.


The Kiln of Kuwait [DefenseTech]