Deflate This Inflatable Air Mattress and Store it Inside the Hand Pump

As I'm getting on a bit, I'm finding my creaky back needing the (relative) comfort of an air mattress when we go camping. Only trouble is, carting around that bulky pump as well as the mattress. Here's a nifty solution:

The Aerobed Pakmat, which squeezes the deflated air mattress inside the pump.

Looks like visual trickery, right? Apparently the air pump has enough room inside it to store a deflated air mattress, not only minimizing luggage but also protecting it from anything that might poke holes in it and ruin your camping trip—like forks. Always keep your forks in separate sections of your rucksack, folks.


According to its website, the single mattress is inflated after a minute of hand-pumping, and weighs just 5lbs altogether.

It's pretty pricey for a single mattress, and I'd rather something powered that does the inflating for you—but beggars can't be choosers. It'd make a brilliant bed for my aching back. [Aerobed via InventorSpot via OhGizmo]

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