Dell SX2210T: The First-ish of Many Multitouch Monitors

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You like the idea of an HP TouchSmart, but you'd like to keep your existing computer? Dell's SX2210T is a 21.5-inch multitouch monitor without the all-in-one PC attached.

Despite being discovered on Dell's site, the monitor hasn't been officially announced yet. We assume the system is IR-based (meaning it's limited to 2 simultaneous touch points), tracking a finger and stylus alike as you drag and drop or pan/zoom.


Otherwise, specs are like any other monitor, with 1920x1080 resolution, 1000:1 contrast and quick 2ms response time, along with HDMI/DVI-in and a webcam/mic combo. No word yet on pricing or release, but we like the idea. A lot. [Dell via Engadget]

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Even though windows 7 is multi touch compatible, why would I want to put my greasy fingers on my monitor? I mean it looks great, but I think the whole idea of multi touch monitors are going to become more of a gimmick. HP did it right with the touch smart, but using multi touch for stock 7 is a waste imo.

Now if this was a surface table computer then we'd be talking. #dellsx2210t