Dell: The Adamo XPS Isn't Dead, We're Selling It Again

Is it dead? Is it not dead? There was quite a bit of confusion about the fate of Dell's Adamo XPS and now there's an official explanation of the whole mess:

Today the Adamo XPS is available again directly from Dell at Orders may also be placed via phone or chat sales. When folks discovered we had removed the Adamo XPS from online a couple of weeks ago there was some speculation that we had discontinued the product – this is not the case. Demand for the Adamo XPS has been strong both online and in retail, where customers are able to see the amazing and award-winning design in person. To avoid customer issues with longer lead times for online purchases, our intent was to point customers to key retail partners until we were able to build up sufficient supply.



I have serious trouble believing that demand was strong both online and in retail. Why would anyone get this thing when the standard Adamo provides lots of slick/thinness without having a stance akin to that of a woman's shoe?