Denise Richards Attacks 91-year-old with Laptop

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In an attempt to prove that laptops make for better weapons than BlackBerrys, Denise Richards went on a laptop-hurling rampage at a casino near Vancouver recently. Richards, who was tired of being harassed by paparazzi, got into a fight with them and ended up chucking their lappies from a hotel balcony. The flying laptops then grazed the arms of two innocent women, an 80-year-old woman and a nearby 91-year-old woman. For the sake of the paparazzi, we hope they were ToughBooks.

Former Bond Girl in Laptop-lobbing Outrage [via The Register]

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Alright, I am officially taking the reins here as the senior observer to the incident. The casino of which this happened is technicly in Richmond, British Columbia,Canada. I live in said city. In the lobby, Pamela Anderson was waiting to film a scene for the upcoming movie Blonde and Blonder. As its said, a paparazzi posed as a set photagrapher for the movie, but when Richards found out that he was unathorized, she threw his laptops out the window, therefore hitting the two women. Reports say they will be fine. Local Canadian police are trying to decide whether to press charges. A minor felony at best is an option. Just goes to show how leanient our system is. A cop was run over by a teen 6 years ago, the teen fled the scene, and only got 6 months in house probation... I'll admit, our justice system, at least in my provice, sucks.

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