Denon Introduces Networked ASD-3N and ASD-3W iPod Docks, X-Space DHT-FS3 Surround Bar and RC-7000CI RF/IR Remote System

Today at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, Denon unveiled a massive line of new home-theater gear, mostly centered on the themes of network connectivity and easier setup.
• Networked ASD-3N and ASD-3W iPod docks ($179.99 and $229.99, out in August and September, respectively, with the "W" adding integrated Wi-Fi). In addition to providing a TV interface to access both video and audio content on an iPod, the docks pull music and photos from PCs and Macs on your network, and can be connected to any component, not just Denon stuff.
• X-Space DHT-FS3 surround sound bar and "super slim" subwoofer, which not only complements the docks but can be a nice low-profile surround-sound option under a flat-panel TV. Rare that these things fit below your TV unless they're wall mounted. We saw this before, but didn't expect a US arrival.
• RC-7000CI IR/RF Remote Control, which becomes an RF two-way remote system when you add the RC-7001RCI adapter—basically an RF dongle with its own IR blaster. When you use it with Denon components, you can see metadata, like what's playing, right on the remote's screen.


Press releases:


Two New Network-Enabled A/V Clients with iPod® Command and Control and Active Surround Speaker System

Mahwah, NJ - July 24, 2007 — Denon Electronics, one of the world's premier manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment components, is demonstrating its broad-based commitment to advanced home entertainment and connectivity with the introduction of two advanced Network-Enabled A/V Clients, models ASD-3N and ASD-3W, both with iPod command and control. Denon is also introducing the DHT-FS3 Active Surround Sound System, a stylish solution for adding great surround sound to flat-panel TVs. Denon's new products stress convenience and ease of installation and use, and provide custom integrators with new ways to expand the home entertainment environment for their clients.

Joe Stinziano, Denon's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing noted, "Denon has always been about creating products that allow consumers to enhance and expand their enjoyment of home entertainment. With our new product introductions, we're expanding into entirely new product categories, offering a variety of new solutions that offer 'boundless' opportunities for enjoying high quality audio, video and interactivity throughout the home. Our new generation of Network Enabled A/V Clients and the DHT-FS3 speaker system offer quick and easy options for users to enjoy a wide variety of features and networking capabilities."

Network Connectivity With On-Screen Display
Denon's model ASD-3N and ASD-3W allow consumers to add network connectivity to many A/V components, including A/V receivers, video display products and single speaker solutions*. Once connected to an A/V receiver/stereo, TV or single speaker solution (that don't have to be Denon's), they provide instant access to existing home networks, letting users stream audio files, pictures and Internet radio stations through the connected devices. Both models include a remote control and feature a screen saver and a newly designed GUI for displaying meta-data, full-color album artwork and user photos. The GUI will support English, German, French and Spanish languages for both GUI text as well as meta-data from the iPod and other streaming media.

Additionally, both models are PlaysForSure (Audio) certified, DLNA CERTIFIED™ and will play both MP3 and non-protected AAC files. For additional networking flexibility, both units feature an Ethernet port, while the ASD-3W adds wireless capability as well. For added convenience, the ASD-3N and ASD-3W allow users the ability to connect an iPod via integrated dock and will recharge it while cradled.

Notably, both Network-Enabled A/V Clients connect to any Denon receiver released in 2007 or beyond using the dock control port and give users command and control of their iPod via the receiver's remote control rather than the remote provided with the ASD-3N/3W, minimizing "remote control clutter." Whether connected to a current Denon receiver or other product, audio and video signals are sent via analog audio output and S-Video to the respective inputs on a connected device in order to view the GUI and hear the audio.

Both the ASD-3N and ASD-3W will be available in August and September for SRPs of $179.99 and $229.99 (respectively).

DHT-FS3: An Easy Way to Add Surround Sound to Flat-Panel TV
Denon's new DHT-FS3 Active Surround Sound System is an innovative and compact solution that dramatically enhances the enjoyment of flat-panel TV by using X-Space Surround technology. Ideal for consumers with limited space - or those who simply don't want to deal with "speaker clutter." The bar-shaped design of the DHT-FS3 Active Speaker lets users wall or shelf-mount the unit inconspicuously either underneath or above their flat-panel TV. The DHT-FS3 is elegantly styled in a gloss piano black finish to match many of today's flat panel displays.

In addition to the sleek main bar speaker system, a super-slim subwoofer provides the deep bass response needed for great home theater audio. The system features a 5-channel built-in amplifier (25W/channel) as well as a 50W amplifier for the subwoofer.

For maximum flexibility and use with multiple types of flat-panel TVs, the system features 3 digital and 1 analog input for easy connection with DVD players, cable boxes or satellite receivers. In addition, users may easily connect the system to an iPod dock to expand their enjoyment of personal music.

For total user convenience, a digital display is built into the bar unit, "disappearing" behind the grill until a button on the unit or remote control is pressed. The DHT-FS3 comes complete with a remote control, cable connectors, "feet" for shelf placement as well as a wall-mounting bracket.

The DHT-FS3 is currently available for $1,199.

*A home network is required for networking.


— RC-7000CI IR/RF Remote Control and RC-7001RCI RF/IR Remote Base Offer Advanced Functionality with Two-Way Communication, RF and IR Operation and more —

Mahwah, NJ - July 24, 2007 — In keeping with its vision of "Boundless Home Entertainment," Denon Electronics, one of the world's premier manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment components, today announced the upcoming introduction of two innovative devices - the RC-7000CI - Infrared (IR) / Radio Frequency (RF) Remote Control (SRP: $299.99) and RC-7001RCI RF/IR Remote Base (SRP: $199.99). These two new products, both scheduled for shipment in August 2007, allow consumers to expand control of their home entertainment system to multiple rooms without adding expensive components or networking devices.

Remote Operation of Multiple A/V Components; Multi-room Networking Capability
Denon's new RC-7000CI/RC-7001RCI is a fully programmable remote control system that can operate multiple A/V devices from Denon and other manufacturers. The system, which is easy-to-use and program, can be expanded to numerous rooms in a house as an alternative to more costly control systems.

When used by itself, the RC-7000CI allows for universal command and control of all Denon remote controlled products including A/V Receivers, DVD players, CD Players and upcoming next-generation DVD players as well as products from other manufacturers. Users with Internet access can simply connect the remote to a PC via USB and program the functionality of all the products in their system via one of the world's largest IR databases.

When combined with one or more of the RC-7001RCI Remote Bases, the RC-7000CI turns into a powerful multi-room remote control system that allows for both two-way communication and IR functionality. The RC-7001RCI allows a user to expand control of their system into multiple rooms by acting as a repeater of an RF signal. The system can accommodate up to 16 RC-7000CI remote controls and corresponding base units. Additionally, the front of the RC-7001RCI contains an IR blaster and up to six IR flashers can be attached to the rear of the unit, converting the RF signal from the remote into IR codes and is then passed along to the six connected devices. The Denon remote system uses ZigBee® wireless technology to allow for easy and secure connectivity with the RC-70001RCI Base unit.

Furthermore, when connected to select new Denon A/V Receivers and systems, the RC-7001RCI makes two-way communication possible providing system status feedback to the RC-7000CI. This includes volume, surround mode and even full meta-data of media connected to the Denon component, including iPod, Internet Radio or XM Radio.


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