Design Concept: Comfort Sphere for Captive Audiences

Illustration for article titled Design Concept: Comfort Sphere for Captive Audiences

The Comfort Sphere was designed by Volkswagen for trade shows, but might be a great idea to enhance the work and concentration required of writers, think-tankers, and hey, maybe even a blogger or two.


Winner of a RedDot Design Award for 2006, it's a self-contained audio and video womb which invites you into it innocently enough, and then once you're sitting down, it wraps around you and practically forces you to stare at only the highest-end audio and visual entertainment. Certainly not for the claustrophobic.

Looks like a perfect environment in which to brainwash somebody. It was designed for trade shows, and we say, good. If they're going to brainwash us anyway, they might as well make us comfortable and show us some decent-quality video while they're at it.

Comfort Sphere [RedDot design awards, via Sci Fi Tech]



i want one for gaming. imagine, hooking up a computer with a core 2 duo conroe etreme proc, a creative SB X-Fi sound card, and a really good graphics card and have good wireless keyboard and a G7 laser mouse. with a limitless supply of burger king and mountain dew, youd never see me again