Design Concept: Light + Air Door

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The Light + Air door is designed to enhance cross ventilation without giving up any security or light. Slide a lever to the right, and the circular openings are exposed—not big enough for anyone to stick a hand in and open the door, but large enough to let the sunshine and fresh air pass through.

Who wants to live without air-conditioning if there is poor ventilation? The Light + Air Door design concept is an answer to that pressing and probably upcoming problem: how do you stay comfortable when it costs $2000 a month to keep your abode cool? Just don't install this door if you live in a submarine.


Design Concept Page [Seven O2 Design, via treehugger]

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Well you wouldnt exactly do this if you weren't home, would you? My girlfriend's apartment would be great if it had this. her doorway leads right into her living room, which only has one window. We were keeping the door open, but the lack of a screen enabled many a bug to enter.