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The common bathroom mirror is becoming a growth area in attention-capturing technology, and so far we've seen mirrors with advertisements, mirrors with TVs hiding behind them and a mirror-like message board from Philips. A lot of these ideas are more concept than reality, but rest assured, your solitude will be inevitably violated one way or another if you acquiesce.


The next concept we're seeing is the +336+mirror, a design by Robert Stadler that reveals messages received on your cellphone via SMS. Get close enough to the mirror and you see that text shining out at you, jarring your reverie with its urgent news, good or bad.

It's just a concept so far, but some people are actually hoping this will become a reality. Not that it's a bad reflection on you if you like this idea, but for us, those messages can certainly wait.

Designer's Site [Robert Stadler, via BornRich]