Designer Lingerie Has Embedded GPS-Uplink for Lady Location

Illustration for article titled Designer Lingerie Has Embedded GPS-Uplink for Lady Location

This could be a tongue-in cheek bit of high-tech flirtery: Brazilian designer Lucia Lorio's "Find Me If You Can" lingerie line has embedded GPS-uplinking units that a partner can remotely track. So you could play a titillating game on your man by flitting around near his location, and then zipping far away. Or you could see it as a sensible safety device in...uh...high kidnap-rate areas. For sure, it's not a good way to find out if your missus is doing the funky bedspring with someone behind your back: that unit is too clunky for stealthy stalking and the wearer can switch it off. Still, it's unusual. And costly: $800 to $1100. [TheAge via GizmoWatch]



I'll bet that there's GPS-less lingerie that costs around the same price. That said, if you really want to geek it up, you have to go with an old school geek reference, like, the beeping locator from Aliens.

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