Dickhead Dad Forced His Daughter to Put on Armor and Fight Him in a Sword Match

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Fremon Seay is your dickhead of the year. The 38-year-old dad punished his 16-year-old daughter by beating her with a stick while he sat his 300-pound self on her. But he didn't stop there. He made her put on armor and fought with her in a sword match for two hours.


It all started because Seay's daughter went to a party she wasn't supposed to. Seay drove to that party and dragged her back home. That's where it usually stops for a normal pissed off dad with a normal pissed off brain, right? Not for Seay. He ordered another daughter to find willow switches so that he could hit the 16-year-old to teach her a lesson. Okay, that's not cool. But that's where it should stop, right? Not for Seay. After beating her (while sitting on her so she couldn't escape). He told his daughter:

Now that you're 16, we can fight. Go put on your armor.

Seay, you see, participates in Live Action Role Playing (LARP) so he has armor and stuff on the ready. Seay, according to police, beat his "daughter with wooden broadsword" for over two hours. And then after that, Seay forced his daughter to strip down to her underwear and watch a sermon TV. She finally reached a friend through text message and then police came in and arrested the disgustingly sick Seay on charges of second-degree assault.

I'm not trying to claim any parenting expertise (as I have no kids) but I think Seay is as disturbing and horrible as they come. I hope he rots. [Seattle Weekly, Kiro TV]



He was just trying to make her into a superhero.