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Did This Nexus 7 Really Explode While Charging?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you thought the Nexus 7 was a hot commodity, you'd be right. In one case in China, it was apparently so hot as to actually fry itself up.

The story originates on a Chinese forum, where the user claims the tablet was charging with its original charger when suddenly it began to smoke. Then, in a matter of seconds, the tabs innards were totally torched. Now there's no real way to vet the story, and even if it's true, it could have been the result of a power surge or something similar.


Nonetheless, Asus has apparently considered it legitimate enough and, according to several sources, has reached out to the user with a replacement tablet, regardless of what the cause of damage may have been. According to CNET, the (un)lucky owner will also be getting a free pair of Google Glass upon release, but it seems pretty unlike that Asus is going around promising people Google hardware willy nilly, and there's no evidence that Google itself has addressed the incident. Google Glass or no, it looks like Asus is fairly willing to bet this is going to be a one time event by providing a free replacement. They maybe have opened up the market for Nexus 7 arson/insurance fraud though. [Baidu via Phandroid via CNET]