Did Your Drone Knock Out a Woman on Sunday? Seattle Police Want to Chat

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Sunday’s Pride celebrations in downtown Seattle were going fantastically. Until a drone fell from the sky and knocked a woman out cold. If that drone was yours, the Seattle Police Department would like to have a word with you.

A 25 year old woman was struck by a small 2-pound drone at the Pride parade near the corner of 4th Avenue and Madison in Seattle. The woman is okay, but apparently the pilot of the drone fled the scene. The police have photos of the man but have yet to release them to the public.

“Witnesses described him as an unshaven white male in his 20s, wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses, cut off shorts,” according to the Seattle Police crime blotter.


An unshaven white dude in shorts and a baseball hat in Seattle? Sounds like they’re going to have to round up half the city. Luckily, the description of the suspect included this helpful tidbit: “He also reportedly had a noticeable tattoo of a woman somewhere on his body.”

So, we’re looking for a white guy wearing shorts in Seattle who has a tattoo of a woman “somewhere on his body.” They’ll find this guy in no time, with vivid descriptions like that.

[Seattle Police]

File photo of a drone from 2011 via Getty


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maybe if this drone has a gps in it. they can find out where the perp lives. kind of like the other story about how the neighbor shot down the drone and the gps shows that the drone was not in the neighbors property. maybe all drones should have built in gps.