Illustration for article titled Digital Window Gives Non-Distorted 180º Real Time Panoramas

The Digital Window camera stitches the video from five image sensors to give a non-distorted 180º real-time panorama. According to Tenebraex, the technology was designed to make armored vehicle's doors transparent for the soldiers inside.

But what they really wanted to do in the Bradley was to make that door, in effect, transparent. It doesn’t really matter how you get there—you just want an undistorted view. That was the genesis of the idea; it got us thinking about using multiple, low-cost sensors on the outside of the vehicle and having a display inside.


The Digital Window is the first commercial product coming from this technology, designed to be used in fixed points, not in military vehicles. The combined five-sensor give 15 frames per second, with a 100 megapixel per second over its ethernet port. [Gadget Labs]

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