DigiTimes Claims Apple Tablet Delayed for OLED Upgrade

Illustration for article titled DigiTimes Claims Apple Tablet Delayed for OLED Upgrade

That crazy DigiTimes—purveyors of always-failed-Apple rumors—now says that its manufacturer "sources" believe that there will be two Apple tablet models: a 9.7-incher with OLED screen made by LG, and the 10.6-inch version everyone has heard about.


DigiTimes says that the 9.7-inch OLED panels are priced at about $500 bucks today, and the screen would account for about 30 percent of the device's $1500 to $1700 cost when it arrives in the second quarter of next year. OLED prices are expected to fall over the next couple of years, though. As for the 10.6-incher, that's still said to be in the $800 to $1000 ballpark.

No word yet from them on the rumored matter synthesizer and teleporter module, but give it a couple more months, and they will spill it all out. [DigiTimes]


Who cares about reasons for a supposed delay - it could be due to a global shortage of pixie dust for all it matters since we are spreading rumors of rumors about a rumored device that is rumored to be available some rumored day. Come on - tell us the sucker is fission powered and they have to get approval from the nuclear regulatory body before Miley Cyrus will write the start-up song and Buddha waves an arm and it sits in every humans lap of life.