Dimension 20: Season Reveal Trailer

Joining Mercer will be D20 alums Zac Oyama, Lou Wilson, Aabria Iyengar, and recurring GM Brennan Lee Mulligan. The sole newcomer to the cast is Anjali Bhimani, though she’s no stranger to the TTRPG game: Bhimani’s previously shown up in Critical Role through its Exandria Unlimited miniseries. Wilson, Iyengar, and Mulligan jumped ship over to that show with the 2022 Exandria Unlimited—Calamity prequel series, so Mercer running D20's prequel show brings things full circle.


Dimension 20: The Ravening War begins on May 10 on Dropout, with new episodes on Wednesdays. In the meantime, A Crown of Candy is currently free to watch on YouTube.

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