Direct Voxx Muso is Natural-Speech Voice Recognition Dongle for iPod nano

Illustration for article titled Direct Voxx Muso is Natural-Speech Voice Recognition Dongle for iPod nano

There are plenty of iPod cradles that let you remote control the device, some built-in to cars, but Direct Voxx has come up with the Muso that lets you do it by voice. It's an interesting bit of kit that doesn't require training to understand you, and lets you demand particular tracks, scan through playlists, pause and resume playing music just by speaking in natural language like "play California Dreaming by the Mamas and the Papas." Check out the video to see it in action.


Pretty impressive, and saves all that fiddling around with buttons when you should be busy controlling your car. It's got background noise suppression, so apparently it can cope with driving noise. And its independent battery runs it for 10 hours, without affecting the iPod.

There's just one flaw: its price. At $159 it's more than a 4GB nano itself, and that seems a little crazy. They are planning on releasing new versions for other iPods and the iPhone "as soon as possible," but this one will be out in December. [DirectVoxx]


@noshidin: It seems there is a 'PTT' button on the remote control mic. Either that, or some strange alchemical gesture is required (as seen in the video just before he gives each command).

Overall, this is pretty cool tech. I use a WiFi VOIP system at work that is speaker independent (like this device) and it's great stuff. I had to laugh at the part of the video where he made a mistake to demo how it 'intelligently' decides what he really wanted and plays that for him. Um, ya, when that happens at work, I end up talking to somebody other than who I wished to talk with, like my boss. Not cool. Usually, however, it just says, "I'm sorry. I didn't understand," or,"I think you said xxxxx. Is this correct?" And yes, there is a PTT button. Yes, we look geeky wearing the things. If they get smaller, we'll start looking like Trek geeks.