Director Marc Webb says the Lizard "literally embodies" themes of the new Spidey movie

We had a lot of burning questions about the big Spider-Man reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man. Is Peter Parker cool now? Where does Emma stand on the Gwen Vs. Mary-Jane debate? How does Dr. Curt Connors fit into this webby world they've created?


So we asked director Marc Webb and star Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) what they thought. Here's what they said.

Emma Stone

Emma, there is a large online debate about Gwen versus Mary jane and a lot of people think that Gwen is his one true soul mate? Where do you stand on the argument?

I always think that people can have multiple soul mates in my own life, so while I wish that were true as I am playing Gwen, I believe both of them can be soul mates in very different ways.

What are the qualities than Andrew brings to the role that makes him perfect for Spider-man?

Well he just is Peter Parker, so it's hard to explain. He just, I mean at the camera test today, I keep kind-of thinking about this moment where Marc was like do you see how he changes in a split second? He went from 27 to 17 with just a drop of a shoulder. He just inhabits him in such an incredible way. I've never seen anything like it. It's really amazing.

You said that your primary function was working with Andrew. Do we get to see you do any action? Are you going to kick any butt as well in this film?


I don't know, you'll have to see. [Laughter] Sorry.

How deep did you go into the history of this character?

I read a pretty comprehensive guide to the Stacys: Captain Stacy and Gwen. And I read quite a few comic books. But really, the main focus was learning the marvel universe and Spider-man itself, not necessarily just Gwen, but educating myself on the whole universe of it, which has been really exciting and fascinating, Something I wish I had read growing up, but hey now I get to read it. So I'm, lucky I get to discover it for the first time.


How excited were you to get into this world of magic and imagination of, not only comics, but the world of Spider-man, which is so much more than most.

Right, it's pretty amazing, it's so inspiring. It's probably why there's so much super-hero stuff going on right now is everybody kind-of wants to feel inspired and feel they can become extraordinary one day and to have a sense sense of destiny and I think telling a story like that, especially in this type of setting where there's swinging and incredible things going on was really really fun for me and I'm happy to be here at comic-con right now, which is like my favorite place on the planet.


Marc Webb

Marc, we saw the trailer and it was very gritty, very dark. But Peter Parker looked a little bit different. Is he cool now?


Is he cool now? I think he's really relatable. I think there is a humor and a wit to him that we will roll out later, but I wanted to approach it with an emotional authenticity and make the world seem more relatable Listen, there's an earnest quality to it, but there's certainly a lot of humor and fun that's part of Spider-man, which we are really careful to honor.

Can you talk about some of the POV shots we saw in the trailer?


There's much of the action was developed in a practical way, we spent a lot of time on rigs and trying to do things in as real a place as we could. But for the 3D I wanted to have a break-into moments where you see the world through his eyes and you feel things and I think 3D is a way to have an experiential theatrical experience in the way you can't with other kind of formats and I wanted to make those things that work for 3D....

What's great about Kurt Connors is he is both a mentor and an adversary in some way, which I think is so interesting. He believes what he is doing is good and to me there is a thematic quality to the film, this movie is about finding their missing piece. Peter Parker, his parents left him, and he goes out searching for his father at the beginning of the movie and Kurt Connors has this missing arm, and he goes out trying to get his arm back in some way. It's this search, this desire to fill the void that defines us in some way and I thought Kurt Connors was a literal embodiment of the theme of the movie. The Lizard is just a rad, very cinematic creature.


When you knew this was going to happen, did you think about all the things Spider-Man can do and should do and what you want?

Yeah. He's just one of the most cinematic characters in all of comics and what an opportunity for me. Everyday there was something fantastic and new.




Okay, all that talk about Peter going to search for his father and stuff about "filling the void" reaaaaaaaally makes me worry about this film.