Illustration for article titled DirectX 10.1 Leaving DirectX 10 Cards in the Dust?

British site The Inquirer is reporting from Siggraph 2007 that the next version of DirectX, 10.1, requires spanking new hardware to support its sort of spanking new features.

The spec revision basically makes a number of things that are optional in DX10 compulsory under the new standard - such as 32-bit floating point filtering, as opposed to the 16-bit current. 4xAA is a compulsory standard to support in 10.1, whereas graphics vendors can pick and choose their anti-aliasing support currently.


Consequently, your schmancy new DX10 card won't be so schmancy when 10.1 drops. On the bright side, even if this turns out the way the Inquirer seems to think it will, since DX10.1 supposedly isn't shipping until Vista SP 1 does, you probably have about 26 years of being on the cutting edge with a standard whose game support is nascent, to put it generously. [The Inquirer via /., Image via Flickr]

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