Dish Made a Slick Cordcutter Box That Lets You Watch Local Channels

Image: AirTV

There are a bunch streaming boxes available for cord cutters, but the new AirTV box from Dish has a very cool twist: integration with local, over-the-air (OTA) antenna channels. It also streams in 4K.

Rumors of the AirTV box first appeared at the end of the year, but now we’ve got all the details. A wholly-owned subsidiary of satellite company Dish (which also owns the Sling TV streaming service), AirTV is unique in the streaming box space because it integrates local channels with typical over-the-top (OTT), all inside the Sling TV interface.


The box itself looks like any standard streaming box from Roku or Amazon. It runs on Android TV and supports 4K streaming. The box comes with Netflix, YouTube, and Sling TV pre-installed, but you can also install your own apps and games. The box is $100 and comes with a Bluetooth voice-controlled remote.

Image: AirTV

But the cool part is what happens when you pair the box with the separate $40 AirTV Adapter (you can buy the two bundled together for $130). This dongle connects to an antenna (that you can install yourself or pay to get installed through Dish) and will then integrate all of your local channels into the box in the same interface.

You can do something similar right now if you buy a cheap HD antenna, but that still means you have to switch inputs if you want to go from watching Netflix or live content on Sling TV to watching local channels.


Both the AirTV and the AirTV Adaptor are available now from If you purchase AirTV, it comes with a $50 credit towards Sling TV for both new and existing users.



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