Disney+ Now Lets You Bundle Ad-Free Hulu

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Image: Disney+

Disney’s streaming service now supports bundling with ESPN+ and the ad-free version of sister service Hulu.


Initially announced during Disney’s Investor Day event in December, Disney+ now offers the option to include the premium tier of Hulu along with ESPN+ for $19 per month, whereas the package normally costs $13 per month with ad-supported Hulu. The new ads-free bundle option rolled out late last week, the company told Gizmodo. Individually, Disney+ costs $7 per month, ESPN+ costs $6 per month, and ad-supported Hulu charges $6 per month, meaning you’re effectively getting a third service for free by bundling the three together.

Technically these bundling options were already available through Hulu. The company confirmed to Gizmodo back in December that bundle subscribers were able to get ad-free Hulu with Disney+ and ESPN+ if they subscribed through Hulu’s website rather than through the Disney service. Incoming subscribers will still have to go through Hulu if they want additional options included with their package, such as Hulu with Live TV (which also has options for ad-supported or ad-free Hulu).

Keep in mind that these prices are set to change, though. Beginning next month, the Disney+ bundle with ad-supported Hulu is set to hike up a dollar to $14 per month, the company announced in December. Disney+ alone will also be getting a price jump from $7 to $8 beginning March 26 (and up to $80 per year from $70). There’s no official word yet on what the ad-free version of the bundle will cost when pricing changes, a spokesperson told Gizmodo this week.

Even with its new pricing, though, Disney will match for three services what Netflix subscribers pay for just one under the company’s standard plan. In terms of getting the most bang for your buck—price increases accounted for—the Disney+ bundle still offers one of the best all-around options for the money. Plus, maybe you’ve heard of this little-known series called The Mandalorian? I’ve heard good things.



It would be cool if they’d offer a bundle with the live TV option.