Disposable Camera Made Permanent: Priceless

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Who says that camera is disposable? If you're looking for a digital camera to document those Fourth of July festivities but don't have the bucks for, say, a digital SLR, spend $10 on a disposable camera and then use the instructions from Elephant Staircase to modify it into one that you can use over and over.


To make it work, you have to get your hands on a Palm 3 cradle, and the site shows you where you can buy one for five bucks. We're particularly amused with the parts lists that you'll need, which is quite short, but the last item on the list is, "some balls." Must not be that easy to do.

Not a bad deal, since all you have to contribute is 10 bucks, a Palm cradle and some sweat equity for a digital camera that takes surprisingly nice-looking pictures.


[Elephant Staircase, via Lifehacker]

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