District 9 Sequel Already In The Dark, Oppressive Pipeline?

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We've seen rumors here and there about a District 9 sequel, but this interview with the new champion of thought-provoking alien splatter films, Neill Blomkamp, actually makes some promises. Check out the plot possibilities. Spoilers for the first film below.

In an interview with scifimoviepage Blomkamp agreed that he would love to make a sequel to his acclaimed directorial debut:

"I would totally make a sequel," he told scifimoviepage.com. "I've got an inclination but it's not really fleshed out yet. Now that it's done well, I think it would be cool. The studio have definitely said they want one, it's just a question of what the hell it is."


So where do you go after District 9's carnage? Blomkamp explains that the sequel may deal with some of the questions the first film left open, like: Will Wikus be transformed back? But first, he wants to make another film set entirely on an alien planet. So we may have to wait before returning to the alien slums of Johannesburg.