Divine Thunderbolt Bunker Buster: Bye Bye Mole People

The Air Force's old bunker buster, BLU-113, was a bunch of explosives crammed inside of an old howitzer barrel. Its latest instrument of boom, the BLU-122, uses a new a steel shell with a hardened nose and 780lbs of thermobaric explosive to pound through 28 feet of concrete or 120 feet of dirt like styrofoam, with 70 percent more explosive power. If that's not the ticket to scattering your bits everywhere, they've also got a bouncy bomb.

Yes, they've got a bubblegum bomb that skips like a stone across water to knock down your door. And land between your legs, no doubt. Still not exploded? How 'bout a guidance system that'll chuck six rubber bullet bombs your door, for some Bomberman-style chain booms. Actually, that sounds awesome: a dude in a Bomberman suit chucking bombs at stuff would own everything. [Danger Room, Danger Room]


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