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DIY Hard Drive Clock

Illustration for article titled DIY Hard Drive Clock

Usually when I come across a spare hard drive I think, cool, more storage space for my "video collection," but who needs more memory when you can turn that spare HDD into a wall-mountable clock. The creator of this clock claims all you need is a power drill, a clock movement, and about an hour or so of time. I gotta admit, it does look pretty cool hanging from the wall, but for the rest of us there's always the alternative.


Harddrive Clock [via]

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There was one that used LEDs and the spinning platters (with a slot cut out). The clock controlled with the LEDs pulsed, and combined with the slot, projected a "hand" in the air.

I think that makes that hard drive clock far cooler since the platters spun in order to make the clock run. (It had a second hand too). Very impressive.

This? This is just a cheap clock with a hard drive base.