DIY HDTVs Provide Questionable Benefits

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What in the hell is a DIY HDTV? Well, a Korean company, A1 Display, offers a service in which customers can come in, pick out "particular components such as SMPC mainboard, tuner and exterior design," and within an hour they'll have a "custom" HDTV.


Is there really that much variation in HDTVs that this could be a worthwhile service? I'm guessing that they just have the five or so combinations in the back, and when they go to "build" one they just go "Hey, Kim, go grab me another black one!" Voilá, custom HDTV.

A1display to present its 55-inch DIY type of full HD LCD TV [Aving]

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I could see this being useful if it means you get to select the number of each type of port for hooking up the thousands of gadgets with HD goodness. (More of all of them is always a wise choice.) I suspect that is not an option, however, and that all you are doing is being different screen types — which can be done just as easily at any Best Buy.