DIY Pocket-Sized Oscilloscope Kit For $33

Using a oscilloscope for your projects is often an expensive endeavor. At the low end you are talking several hundred bucks at least—but this DIY version fits in your pocket and only costs $33.


•Max sample rate - 2M/s,8 bits
•Sample memory depth - 256 bytes
•Analog bandwidth - 1MHz
•Vertical sensitivity - 100mV/Div - 5V/Div
•Vertical position adjustable with indicator
•Input impedance - 1MΩ
•Max input voltage - 50Vpp
•DC/AC coupling
•Horizontal - 5μs/Div - 10m(minute)/Div
•Auto, normal and single trig modes
•Rising/falling edge trigger
•Trig level adjustable with indicator
•Hold/run feature
•Built-in 500Hz/5Vpp test signal
•Frequency counter features with independant F and T read-outs (only for TTL level input signal)
•9 - 12V DC or AC power supply
•Dimension: 110mm X 65mm X 25mm (no case)
•Weight: 70 gram
•With Panels


The "Digital Storage Oscilloscope" may not be as fully featured as traditional models, but you definitely get a lot for your money. Plus, it's open source so you can include the firmware in your tinkering. The oscilloscope comes in a kit version for the aforementioned $33, as well as a pre-built version for only $49. [Seedstudio via Retro Thing via Wired Gadget Lab]

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