DIY Project: Motorbike to Electric Motorbike

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There's a new Instructables page up that shows you how to mod your regular motorbike into an eco-warrior electric cycle. You'll be able to hit a top speed of 70mph after shelling out $3000 to complete the project. Thankfully, you'll probably make the money back in saved fuel in approximately a days use. The machine pictured above is a mid-mod bike. Sure, the 72v motor is held in place by rope, but it isn't properly finished yet, so give the modder a break. If you have the time, spare cash, a bike that's looking at you with contempt and the technical know how, give it a shot and then send us a video of the finished article. Hit the link if you're tough enough. [Instructables via Hack n Mod]


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For anyone looking to dramatically reduce their carbon emissions for the daily commute, this is a fantastic concept. The speed is plenty (ignoring pirco the speed demon, of course), and the range should be perfect for most commutes. Most importantly, at the 3K range to make the switch, this is affordable.

That said, where I live (Seattle), there are some meteorological impediments to the concept of riding a motorcycle every day. If I am going to get wet riding a bike I will opt for human power over batteries for now.