Homemade Electric Motocycle Gets 300mpg

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Yes, this homemade electric motorcycle gets the gas price equivalent of 300 miles per gallon. Yes, its speeds hit 40mph within its modest 15 mile range. And yes, the engine runs silently with zero vibration. But don't blame the auto companies. They work really hard. And besides, with their limited resources, how can they be expected to compete with one guy who has limited mechanical training buying all of his parts on Craigslist? [hellforleather via bbgadgets]


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Not sure how 300mpg is calculated when the thing can only get 15 miles on a full charge. If that were so, shouldn't it be capable of getting, oh, say, 300 miles on a full charge?

Granted, lots of people don't require a very high top speed, but with 40 at the most, it's useless and possibly even more dangerous on any larger, faster commuter ways, and it would die before it could get to the end of its trip anyway. Noble effort, but it gets the official seal of fail.

I'd be better off getting a Vespa, which can go faster and probably get an actual higher mileage than this thing.