Do You Actually Watch the Stuff on Your DVR?

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The DVR is a genius invention. Never miss anything again! Skip commercials! But you got all ambitious and recorded a bunch of "edumacational" stuff didn't you? Ambitions are good things, But you never watched it. No. You. Didn't.


Motorola just published a huge study about the way America watches television, and it's got some interesting data about the way we use our DVRs. Apparently, 41-percent of the stuff we record never gets watched, which is crazy because, apparently, 30-percent of all of the TV watched is recorded. So basically we're trigger happy—we're recording more than we could ever watch.

Do you actually watch the stuff on your DVR? Or do you let it fester? [Motorola via Multichannel News]

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Broken Machine

The only way I watch TV is via DVR programs. However, as they keep killing off the shows I like (I do not use subscription TV services, just OTA content), I'm with less and less of a reason to DVR any content.

The rest of my media consumption comes from AMC, it seems...