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Do You Care About Punctuation in Text Messages?

Illustration for article titled Do You Care About Punctuation in Text Messages?

Text messaging is arguably the most casual form of communication available—and, back when we all first began to text on our dumbphones, the sort of shorthand style that developed was perfectly reasonable. Why strain to type out full words, when a universally understood abbreviation could do the job just as well?


Now that smartphones are the norm, a perfectly punctuated message—all its words spelled out in full—is easy to craft but seems somehow contrived. Or maybe it's a relief and a very good thing. I don't know. I text different contacts differently.

Do you bother? Do you care?

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Molly Oswaks

I have some friends who rarely (if ever) use question marks; with them, I follow suit. Another friend will use exxxxtra letters for emphasis and spells words phonetically in a sort of slang way. Typically I tailor the way I type to the person I'm typing a message to.