Do You Dream that You Invented the Next Big App?

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Instead of trying to explain the particulars, why not head over to the Dream Visualizer to see your dream turned into a personalized animation that you can then share with all of your Facebook friends?

It's nearly impossible to explain a dream. The Dream Visualizer is here to help. Share your most vivid dream, and you will get to see it animated. And we're going to choose our favorite and give one of you dreamers a sweet prize: a $100 AMEX gift card*!

Just describe the last dream you remember having in 140 characters or less below and share your dream URL with everyone you know.


The Dream Visualizer is brought to you by the makers of Maximum Strength PEPCID® AC®.

Click here for complete contest rules. Open only to US residents. To enter, submit your dream URL in the form provided below. You may also enter by submitting your dream URL and contact information to contests@gawker.com or via snail mail to Gawker Media, Attn: Deadspin Dream Visualizer Contest, 210 Elizabeth Street, Fourth Floor, New York NY 10012. The contest begins on 12pm ET on March 14, 2011 and end on 10pm ET on April 20, 2011. *This contest is brought to you by Gawker Media. PEPCID® AC® is not a sponsor of this contest.

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