Docomo Cellphones Now Have Touchscreen, Scented Parts

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Japan's Docomo just showed off several new cellphones, one of which operates like a Nintendo DS and one that includes special scented sheets, almost like Smell-O-Vision. The clamshell D800iDS has two touch-sensitive screens; there's no traditional keypad. Users operate the cellphone with either their fingers or a stylus and can send handwritten notes to other users. This cellphone is schedules to hit Japanese stores in February.

The other noteworthy cellphone, the SO703i, is made by Sony Ericsson makes use of scented sheets. These sheets are supposed to relax users while making calls. Uh, unless you're calling the Pretty Girl From Class for the first time, why would you be nervous making a call? Those wacky Japanese.


New phones feature touch panel, smell [Reuters]

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Yep, Left, Right, Center

And Malcs, what's so special about the iPhone anyway? music on a phone? please, it's old news. Touchscreen? HTC's been doing that for years. OSX? yeah, i like my battery life thank you very much

While you're taking forever to download your music, the guy with the K800 is almost finished downloading his, while the guy with the V6 Maxx has not only finished downloading his, but has played his song a few times and downloaded another... BEFORE the iPhone finishes...

And the best bit about the apple being limited to EDGE, is that of all the US networks, it's Cingular that has the 3.6mbit/sec HSDPA network that the V6 Maxx runs on...

Besides, not even the japanese are interested in the iphone...…

NTT Docomo SO903i > AU W44K > AU W42K > iPhone