Doctor Who Cutlery is a Sonic Device too far

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Who looks at a fork and says "Oooh, this could be a little more sonic!"? Someone at the BBC, unfortunately.

Header Image Credit: The Doctor Who Site

This new range of Doctor Who kitchenware is coming from Underground Toys this November. $30 of your hard-earned dollars could go towards this set containing a fork, knife and spoon, with their handles replaced by plastic replicas of the Eleventh - and now the Twelfth's - Sonic screwdriver. Gaze upon the product description and despair:

Even the good Doctor needs a nice set of cutlery that's in keeping with his hard-earned image. That's where this Doctor Who Cutlery Set comes in. Dine like a Time Lord with your very own fork, knife, and spoon modelled after Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver!


If that's somehow tickled your fancy, there's even more! There's also a Sonic Screwdriver Potato Peeler ($16.99, and perhaps the closest the sonic has gotten to looking like a vaugely threatening weapon) and a Sonic Screwdriver washing brush to round out your collection of Gallifreyan kitchen knicknacks:


What a truly bizarre world we live in.

These bits of merchandise are currently exclusive to the US and Australia, and can be pre-ordered via Entertainment Earth.


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