Doctor Who "The Christmas Invasion": The Doctor Is In

It's Boxing Day, a British holiday you probably know nothing about. Perfect time to check in on another mysterious UK tradition: Doctor Who. Whether you've been a Whovian since the 1960s or you've never even heard of Gallifrey, the first Doctor Who Christmas Special to follow the 2005 series revival is dope.

What's it about?

Our favorite alien time traveller, "The Doctor," is incapacitated, leaving only his travelling companion Rose, her boyfriend Mickey, and mother Jackie to protect the planet from an extraterrestrial invasion. Tense!


Who's in it?

This is David Tennant's first story as the Doctor. Christopher Eccleston left the role after one season, but Tennant's enthusiasm for the show is a large part of Doctor Who's newfound international success. Former Teen Pop Star turned actress Billie Piper plays Rose. She's pretttttty.

Why do we like it?

Doctor Who has seen a boom in popularity in the U.S. this year. If you're looking to find out why, "The Christmas Invasion" is a perfect primer packing in nearly 50 years of Doctor Who history. If you like what you see, there are plenty more adventures.



Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion (2005), 60 minutes — Amazon Instant Video and Netflix


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Is this the series that America is on? Really? That's the pilot of Season 2 and Britain has just started Season 7.. (Yes, I am referring to the 2005 reboot. Yes, there is 7 seasons in the UK. Seen them all, love them all.)