Doctor Who's New Future Gameshow Spin-Off: WTF?

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If the success of Doctor Who has taught British television makers anything, it's that audiences love science fiction. But that's no excuse for the announcement of Mission: 2110, a new SF-themed gameshow written by a former Who writer.

2110 is the creation of Who writer Phil Ford, and described by executive producer Sue Morgan as

an exciting ambitious and challenging new fast-paced gameshow where the contestants will need to use all their cunning and guile to avoid elimination.


But it's also a gameshow that pretends to be set in a post apocalyptic future that sends its contestants throughout space and time in order to save the human race because, of course, normal game shows don't feature high enough stakes. The new BBC series will be in production until March, airing later this year, and sounds not only like a new version of The Adventure Game, but also a very bad idea, to us...

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