Everyone's least favorite cable company is... Time Warner Cable. Joke. Not really. Maybe. Anyway! Everyone's least favorite cable company seems to be their own cable company. Cable companies are an impossible mess to fix, no matter what we do, cable seems to stay the same evil prodding mess it's always been. Seriously, is there any other thing where you pay over a hundred dollars a month for such sadness?


So who likes their cable company? We're in a safe space here (unless they're tapping your Internet and charging you fees for complaining). With stuff like CBS and TWC's war happening more frequently, it just seems like there's no such thing as a good cable company. Or maybe that company is Verizon FiOS? Too bad they stopped expansion. DirecTV? Only hear good things about them from sports fans. AT&T U-Verse? Comcast? Time Warner? Who's willing to stump for their cable company?

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