Donald Glover for Spider-Man: The evolution of a meme

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Late last week, we wrote about the idea of Sony casting a non-white Peter Parker for their Spider-Man reboot. Then...a thing happened. And suddenly, Community actor Donald Glover has rallied the internet to his cause: getting him an audition.


If you'll recall, the original post asked the question: In the face of such underwhelming Caucasian options, why couldn't Spider-Man be played by an actor of color? In the comments — which ranged from encouraging to offensive, as one would expect — someone named "Rootadoo" suggested that Community actor Donald Glover would be perfect for the part. And then Donald Glover himself found out — and he's been tweeting up a storm: Over Memorial Day Weekend, #Donald4Spiderman was a top 10 trending topic. And then someone created a "Donald Glover 4 Spiderman" Facebook group. And it made the Washington Post and New York magazine, along with the standard coterie of comics sites.

Glover is quick to say that he doesn't just want to be given the job — which he'd be great for, incidentally — he wants to be able to audition for the job. Which was the whole friggin' point in the first place.



what the hell is the point of wanting an audition if he doesn't want the role? that might just be the stupidest example of affirmative action in the history of the universe.

oh, and before i get flamed, i have no problem with him auditioning or getting the role if he actually wanted it. if he plays it well, i got no problem. but why campaign for an audition just to prove you can?