Don't Bring Laptops to Class or Else

Some people may ask why a physics professor used liquid nitrogen to freeze and shatter a laptop against the floor, just to tell students that laptops were prohibited in class. Personally, I think that's cool, but I have another question:

What is Dr. Egon Spengler doing working as a physics professor at the University of Oklahoma?



There's a lot of whiners in this comment thread that are assuming that a) it's either a student's or the school's laptop, b) students are entitled to use laptops in a classroom, and c) that the laptop was operational before being dunked in liquid nitrogen.

I'm fairly certain that a through c are false.

Regarding a, it could be the school's, but without being able to tell what kind of laptop it is, it could very well be an old clunker he brought from home. My guess is that it was an old computer lab throwaway that IT didn't mind offloading for his disciplinary demo.

Regarding b, get the fuck over it. No student is entitled to anything more than getting a competent professor in an engaging environment. I may being my MBP if allowed, but if the professor says no, then I'll just take my happy ass to Staples and get a spiral notebook and a few pens. No biggie. Last I checked, I know how to write those crazy symbols I see on my keyboard.

Regarding c, there's no reason to assume that the laptop was fully equipped and operational. It did not explode, it did send fiery shrapnel into the faces of students in the front row, so needless to say it was a harmless frozen piece of plastic with some metal innards.

There's always the exceptions where certain classes may require some use of a laptop computer, but this is obviously not one of them.

I mean really, what the hell is wrong with you people? I see comments about either some kind of violence against this person, or him being completely unemployable anywhere else. I'm pretty sure his amusing stunt simply got the attention of his students, who are (for the most part) happily learning physics.