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Don't Expect Recession Busting Prices At Best Buy This Holiday Season

Illustration for article titled Dont Expect Recession Busting Prices At Best Buy This Holiday Season

I don't know if this is good or bad news. Best Buy's CEO Brian Dunn is predicting an optimistic holiday season and is preparing by adding more blue shirt employees. Positive stuff for the economy, but don't expect mouth-dropping prices.


Reuters reports that Best Buy does not plan to use "heavy discounts to fuel market share gains." And for the kicker:

"Dunn also doesn't expect to slash prices even if the holiday season gets off to a rough start."


All in all, this means there probably won't be too many "holy shiet" deals. We can still have some hope in Black Friday, but this makes me miss Circuit City, A LOT. [Reuters]

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Only clueless people still shop at worst buy.

For the past few years they have never had a "better than anybody else" price, and their service is ... well .. questionable because for the super vast majority the workers are clueless people who can't care much because they make $8/hr.

And to top it off BB's corporate practices towards consumers ... if you don't know do some quick google searches and you'll know.

I'm surprised this company is still kicking, but I guess with such a majority of customers being clueless it is a possibility that they prosper :)